We are a precision oncology company pioneering the development of cancer therapies guided by functional genomics.

We develop treatments for patients with genetically defined cancers, whose current treatment options are limited.

To address the unmet needs of a diverse patient population, we’ve developed unique AI-supported drug discovery methods that accurately identify oncogenic yet untargeted mutations, then match them to potential drug candidates in a tumor-agnostic fashion.


Our approach is supported by our proprietary technology platform, Foresight. Foresight recapitulates hundreds of naturally occurring mutations in-vitro and monitors their effect on signaling pathway activity, in order to predict their oncogenicity and their response to experimental compounds.

Our Lead Program

Our lead program focuses on FORE-8394, an investigational drug identified by our platform for its inhibitory effect across a wide range of unique BRAF mutations.

FORE-8394 Clinical Trial
Following strong pre-clinical results, an active phase 1/2 study is currently underway to assess the safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drug FORE-8394 in patients with advanced, unresectable solid tumors. For information about the study or to check suitability for enrolling as a new patient, please contact us via the attached form or at trials@fore.bio.

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For more information about the ongoing FORE-8394 clinical trial: